Thursday, April 1, 2010

PiXeL Knight ETTL Triggers First impressions

Elvis aka elv0000 was kind enough to pass on a set of the new PiXeL Knight ETTL triggers for me to give them a test run, which I finally got around to over the Easter long weekend.

These seem very professional and built fairly well. They come with a nice plastic cover over the screens so they arrive shiny and unscratched. A metal hot-shoe on the trigger, and a nice weight makes them seem tough.

With a single flash hooked up, they have been perfect.

On a limited test run (11 shots) with 2x580EXIIs hooked up and synching at 1/8000th, I got about 80% reliability - in one case, only one of the flashes fired, and I had one case where the HSS didn't work - it dropped to 1/250th, and one case where at 1/8000th I got half the frame lit, half not.

I consider 1/8000th to be an extreme test case, and I'm still impressed by the fact the triggers could DO that!

3 Pillars
ETTL support works well, no need to adjust the flashes when changing apertures or shutter speed. Easy. When the flashes were connected to the triggers they showed 'TTL', once the camera was switched on, they flicked to 'ETTL' - they recognized the camera was connected.

High Speed Sync support works well (apart from the extreme case mentioned above).
The Z3 photo was taken at 1/400th, with no issues, just ETTL and press the trigger.

More tests to come to test further functionality, so far I've only done ETTL with HSS in every case :)


  1. thanks for posting! Would love to hear more about HSS and manual control. Thanks!

  2. Unfortunately I don't have them any more... all I can say is I didn't have much luck with HSS, but others have had more luck.