Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wedding DIY

Got married recently. Decided to do a bit of our own photography, and just use a pro for the ceremony, and some shots afterwards.

That meant things like the make-up, bouquet, all those 'behind the scenes' sort of shots were up to me.

We got married in Hawaii, which meant, I had to use the gear I could carry on a plane. No worries, if anything, strobist has taught us to pack light (not that I usually do), and use what's available.

Behind the Scenes - Bouquet
Enter, the DIY studio...

A fairly simple setup, with a double 580EXII through a brolley, using a reflector for fill, and a cool DIY glass+coffee cup bouquet holder.

Why a double 580EXII? Because I had them already set up on the stand that way, and it seems to give a slightly better light spread.

Why the umbrella slightly collapsed? Because of where I needed to put the camera. At that sort of distance, the light source is still big enough to be soft.

The real gem here was using the towels.
Wedding Bouquet
By getting the camera to bouquet to towel distances right, to match the aperture... the towels blur out nicely, so you don't pick up the rough detail on them, and they become a nice, draped background, reminiscent of a wedding dress, without having to try and work out how to hang the wedding dress above a TV!

Oh yeah, and that's a light stand under the tall towel...

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