Sunday, April 11, 2010

PiXeL Knight ETTL TR-332 do macro

USB Drive
After having some troubles with reliability on my first real test, I decided to hook up the 580EXII flashes via OC-E3 (off camera cord) to the TR-332s...

It's well known that with the PocketWizard TTL range, 580EXIIs have issues due to interference (from the flashes themselves), and I was having enough trouble with the TR-332s to warrant trying something else...

No extremes this time, just f/8, 1/100th, ETTL, 2 flashes.

What can I say? They performed admirably. The shots looked just as they would have with an ST-E2 on the camera.

Shot notes
These were all simple A4 white paper 'macro studio' shots. With an A4 sheet underneath, one more on top, and one in front, to the right to bounce a bit more light back.

Flashes are on either side to get nice highlights down the sides.

Nothing fancy...

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