Sunday, May 31, 2009

Strobist - SYD-SA7.5 and the Ray Flash

Today saw me attending the 7th and a halfth (latest, whatever) installment of the Sydney Strobist meet, SYD-SA7.5.

Every chance I got - mostly while the other guys in my group were setting up lights (sorry guys) - I'd take out the Ray flash and snap off a few shots... giving the models something to do rather than just stand around while photographers talked softboxes and lighting ratios.

With the gorgeous models we had, I loved the ease of getting a nice looking shot, with an absolute minimum of thought/effort on the lighting, throwing the flash in either ETTL or manual mode, and sticking the Ray flash on.
Adding a voice activated wind machine (a.k.a. a group member waving a reflector around) to the mix, just added that extra something, and worked wonders with the Rayflash.

Of course, headshots against a wall get pretty boring pretty quickly, so I tried something different when I could...

It seems that this kind of on-axis fill is where the Ray flash seems to really excel - just get your directional key light set up, then dial the Ray flash up or down to fill the shadows to taste. Easy!


  1. Nice post mate, and good shots - sounds like the ray flash is the bomb

  2. Nice portraits! Love the lighting in the first image.

  3. Thanks Dan. It's worth seeing David Hobby's recent reviews/comparisons between the ring flashes. I think its great for fill, and occasionally as a key light... and its really quick and easy to slap on a bare flash just to make its light source a bit bigger for a bit less harsh light :)

    Thanks Rowell.